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Summer Camp



Camp Westminster
Summer Staff

A summer on staff at Camp Westminster is a summer of challenge, discovery, and adventure. Many careers require complex skills and specific knowledge. A summer at camp prepares you not just for a job but to be a leader in your field.

Plus it's a lot of fun.

All positions are contracted from June 3rd - August 17th and include staff training to equip you for your role at camp. If you are interested in making your time at camp into an internship, please let us know. Many fields are compatible with a camp internship.


Camp Counselors are the core of our summer staff and are a massive part of what makes our summer program shine! As a counselor, you will be responsible for the emotional, physical, and social well-being of a group of campers aged 7-17. Most weeks, counselors stay in cabins with campers overnight and, during the day, lead activities, encourage connections, and make the most of every teachable moment.

Counselors should be 19 years or older. We will make exceptions for the right 18-year-old counselor.

Most counselors will also receive training to be a lifeguard or ropes facilitator.

Download a Counselor Job Description

Program Support Staff

This is an excellent role for younger people (starting at age 17) or those who want to be a part of the camp program but aren’t ready to supervise campers.

Program support staff will spend most of their time helping in the kitchen or with maintenance tasks. Kitchen support staff will be part of the foodservice program under the supervision of our camp cook. Maintenance support staff will help keep the physical resources of camp going and in good shape under the supervision of our maintenance director.

Program support can be the bridge to being a counselor for those who have been campers in the leadership track programs. It is a chance to see how camp works behind the scenes and help with campers without being primarily responsible for their care.

All support staff may also help to lead activities as their schedule allows and will be in cabins to support counselors with campers.

Download a Program Support Staff Job Description

Health Officer

The Health Officer ensures the health of all campers and staff, responds to medical emergencies, administers prescribed medications, and makes sure that the Health Office complies with Michigan Licensing and ACA standards. They may also support the summer program by helping with activities and supervision as appropriate.

Download a Health Officer Job Description

Waterfront Director

The waterfront director is responsible for our aquatics program at Camp Westminster. They supervise lifeguards, teach swimming lessons, and plan all our fun on the waterfront. The waterfront director needs to currently hold or be willing to obtain, at a minimum, a currently valid Red Cross lifeguarding certificate.

The waterfront director also serves as a counselor most weeks of the summer.

Download a Waterfront Director Job Description

Maintenance Director

The summer maintenance director is a seasonal position that keeps the physical property of Camp Westminster working well and looking great. The ideal candidate should have experience in at least one building trade and be willing to learn more. This is a diverse role that will call upon you to push your boundaries and also require that you know your limits.

Download a Maintenance Director Job Description

Foodservice Manager

Oversee and implement Camp Westminster's food program. The foodservice manager supervises our kitchen support staff in implementing a pre-planned menu, spiced with their own flare. The ideal cook embraces the idea that providing food is an important way that we offer care and a key part of the camp experience.

Download a Foodservice Manager Job Description



The terrific staff members at Camp Westminster are one of the big reasons many campers return year after year. A summer at Camp Westminster can be incredibly rewarding and challenging in equal measure.

We are looking for people who are up for a challenge and are ready to enthusiastically welcome all who come to camp this summer. We seek to create an environment where both campers and staff are welcomed as they are but are also challenged to take that next step in their growth.

Camp Westminster is a ministry of Westminster Church of Detroit and is a Christian camp in the PC(USA) tradition. We do not require that all staff are Presbyterian or Christian but we do require that all come ready to enthusiastically support our program and help campers discover God, their community, and themselves.

Staff are welcome to bring their own skills and proficiencies to share with our campers and each other. In the past many staff have brought sports, games, and dances unique to their culture.


This year we are using a simple pre-application to get to know candidates before asking for a complete history. After submitting a pre-application, staff will contact you to schedule a brief conversation about what it means to work at camp for the summer. If we’re both interested in having you be part of our summer staff, you will be invited to complete a full application and submit three references.

When these are in we can schedule you for an interview. If we’re both excited about your summer at Camp Westminster, this is where we offer you a position.

Any hiring decision is dependant upon completing an application, submiting three written references, a background check, and central registry check.


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