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“It changed my world and the way I looked at life.”

Like a lot of campers, I was very hesitant and scared about going to camp for the first time, especially as a 9 year old. Once there I was hooked and the following summers were what I looked to more than anything. I lived and grew up in Detroit attending Westminster Church with my family. So when my Dad said to me do you want to go to camp I just said yes. It changed my world and the way I looked at life. I met so many new and interesting people and learned more than I can put into words in this short story. Going from boy to man was made easier and more rewarding from everything I learned and experienced at camp. Swimming, camping, canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, hiking, riflery, archery but most importantly life skills which became more evident as years went by. The highlight of camp for me would have been my 2 years in wilderness when Dale Small was director of boys camp. My daughter recently gave me The Touch of Influence as a Christmas gift. The memories and wonderful times all came flooding back. Mama Wilson, the great food she made, the singing in the dining room after meals. All the wonderful programs and activities we did as campers, and staff members. I must have talked about it more than I can remember. Calie, my daughter, was so excited when she gave me the book on Christmas day, and after everyone had gone I sat down in the cool of the evening and began to read. I could smell the fresh air of the woods, hear the waves of the lake lapping on the shore and remember the many times I experienced the Northern Lights. I couldn’t put the book down. Yours sincerely, George William (The Arm) Armstrong

Then and Now: (above) A picture of Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake in the mid 1960’s. (below) A picture of Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake today.

George Armstrong attended Camp Westminster from 1954 to 1967 as a camper, CIT, counselor, and staff member in girls camp. He currently lives in Australia.Thank you, George for sharing such beautiful words! Interested in sharing your story? Visit our alumni page!

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