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Taking leadership training across the ocean!

We are so excited- we have a new opportunity this summer! In less than one month, 7 campers and 3 staff members of Camp Westminster will make the pilgrimage to Iona, a Christian community on an island off of Scotland. The pilgrimage is the final piece of the leadership track at Camp Westminster. The intention is to give these campers a view of another authentic community, as well as a chance to reflect on their individual faith journeys.What is Iona? Iona is a spiritual community of people that extends the world over. The actual abbey was rescued and restored in the 1930s by a Presbyterian pastor, George MacLeod. He described Iona as a “thin place” – only a tissue paper separating the material from the spiritual. We like to think that Camp Westminster is a thin place too!During the stay at Iona, the group will participate in worship, personal reflection, leadership training, a ceilidh (Scottish party and dancing), a local one-day pilgrimage around the island, and work- each group staying in the community is required to help with cleaning, gardening, food prep and whatever is needed to keep the place going. Yes, we are headed to Scotland to do capers! At the end of the week at Iona, the group will return to Higgins Lake for another week. In addition to debriefing, we will be working through a new curriculum by the Office of Vocation PC(USA)- Listening for God’s Call. We see career and calling discernment as a vital part of the leadership track! Stay tuned for an update on this incredible journey.

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