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Our Summer Staff



So who makes up the staff at Camp Westminster?

The terrific staff members at Camp Westminster are one of the big reasons so many campers love to return year after year! Camp Westminster intentionally seeks a diverse range of summer staff from local churches, area colleges, camp alumni, and from around the world. Through an intensive staff training, this group of individuals bonds and grows together to form a warm and welcoming community to any camper who comes to CW. We look for: enthusiasm; a strong work ethic; people who take initiative; individuals who LOVE children and youth so much that they are led to invest in a summer of ministry; and those who desire to know God better and grow in their faith.

All applicants are well screened and evaluated before a decision is made to hire them. All applicants must fill out an in-depth application that covers many areas of their personal and spiritual ability and experience to work at Camp Westminster. We require a minimum of three references for every applicant. A background check is conducted on each applicant. We only hire individuals who we would trust with our own children!

Staff training (two weeks long, held prior to the first day of camp) includes focused attention on each individual’s area of employment, as well as general policies, procedures and safety standards. We train in program areas, leadership skills, out-trip skills and daily life at Camp Westminster. The strong staff community only enhances the fun and spiritually nurturing time your camper will have while at Camp Westminster!

Are you a prospective staff member seeking a life-changing summer at Camp Westminster?  Fill out our interest form and our director will contact you.

Summer Staff Interest Form

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