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Help Paying for Camp


A week of summer camp can be a big expense for some families. Camp should be open to everyone, regardless of how much money you have. If you need help affording a week at camp, we have options.



Camp Westminster uses a two-tiered fee system, allowing families to choose the fee that matches their capability and values. Thanks to donations from our fantastic community of supporters, we can offer Tiers B at a significantly subsidized rate. All campers get the same experience, regardless of what payment tier their family chooses. This information is not shared with staff beyond our administrative office.

Tier A

Tier A is the highest price and represents the actual cost of a week of camp. Choosing tier A says, “I can afford the full cost of camp, and I am happy to help others who can’t.” The more people who choose Tier A, the easier it is for us to continue to other payment options.

Tier B

Tier B is subsidized by donations we receive throughout the year. We have a community of generous donors made up of camp alums, people from the community, and members of Westminster Church of Detroit. They give to camp so that we can keep the cost of camp more affordable, that is Tier B.



In most cases, families can choose one discount per camp session. Discounts take money off of the camp fee portion of your bill; they cannot be used for camp store money.



Anyone can set up a payment plan through our registration system if they pay with a credit card or electronic check. Selecting a payment plan means that your card will automatically be charged monthly, splitting up your remaining balance between now and June 1. This is a great option for anyone who can afford the cost of camp over time rather than all at once.


A campership is like a scholarship, but for camp! Two levels of campership are available:


Half-Campership – valued at 50% of payment Tier B. Families who select this level will need to complete the application and do not need to supply additional verification of need.

Full Campership – this level pays the entire cost of camp for a camper. Families who select this level must complete the application and supply verification of their financial needs. See the application for more details.

To ensure that as many campers benefit as possible, the maximum award that any one family can request is the equivalent value of two full camperships. This could be four half-camperships or a campership for one camper to attend our two-week session.

Camperships cover the summer camp fee only. Those who receive a campership can also request on their application that we waive the fee for the camp bus. 

Please submit your campership application before registering for camp. Full details and instructions are on the application. Please contact us if you want an application in the mail.


Download an Application


Many churches recognize a week of summer camp as an important part of a young person’s faith development. Start by talking to your pastor; they may be able to help you think creatively about how your church can help.

There are some specific programs for camperships as well that you may qualify for:

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