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Work Weekends

                                                                   In the north, on Higgins Lake so blue, there’s a camp                                                                       getting ready for the next season.

                                                                    The Spring and Fall work weekends are a great                                                                                  chance to spend a weekend of service at camp. All                                                                            ages and levels of ability are welcome. Many jobs are                                                                        physical in nature, and most require the ability to use basic yard tools, perform repetitive motions for cleaning, or lift and carry medium-sized loads. There are a wide variety of tasks to complete, and we can almost always find a job for everyone.

Helpers arrive Friday evening and depart Sunday morning after a simple worship service together. Just coming up for Saturday is fine as well. All meals are provided from Saturday breakfast to Sunday breakfast. There is a minor fee to help us cover the food costs for the weekend. Guests will stay at Worthington Lodge.

Please register online so we can plan for food, lodging, and materials. 

Questions? please get in touch with us.

Looking for more ways to spend time at Camp Westminster? Learn more about year-round Westminster rental options.


The forest wakes up on its own every year, but Camp Westminster needs a lot of help! Each year we gather to clean up from the winter, open up all the summer-only buildings and make sure that everything is in working order for another great summer on Higgins Lake. The Spring Wake-Up Weekend generally falls in mid-May, depending on rentals and other availability. See registration for retreat events for this year’s dates.


There’s usually not much cutting down trees this weekend but

more making sure camp is put away for the winter.

Worthington Lodge is open all year, but other buildings like

the Wakeyas, Rustic campground, and most of the main camp

need to be put to sleep so that they don’t suffer ill effects

during the winter. This weekend is usually held in the early

fall. See registration for retreat events for this year’s dates.

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