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A Poem by Worldwide Sports Girls of Yurt 2- Summer 2012

On Higgins Lake so blue

There are friends, old and new

You do so many things from sky to the sod,

Sports, dancing and worshipping God

There are people you can always trust

There are always unknown musts

The people here are a close knit family,

Together we all live happily

Prayer Stations and bible stories

You soon forget all your worries

You might miss your family and friends

But all the great counselors help in the end

When you leave you always find your way back,

There is nothing that this camp lacks

Here’s to the camp that we will never outgrow,

To the camp’s name that we all know

To the camp that is very important to you and me

The name of it is W. C.

By Katarina Cowen, Olivia Reckley, Alexandria Edsall, Nashia Warrick and Grace Crites

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