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Camp Westminster, My Second Home

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Camp Westminster is not just a camp. Yes, we do the classic camp activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, learning about nature and outdoor living skills, campfires, bible quest, fishing, archery, and singing songs. Although these activities may seem ordinary, they have a much bigger impact on the children than one would think. Being a counsellor at Camp Westminster, I get to watch how these simple activities help children to grow. A story of one of my campers this summer is the best example I can think of, she was seven years old. At the very start of camp, she was so shy that she would not talk to any of her fellow campers and would only occasionally whisper a few words to me. As camp continued she completely transformed. By the end of the week she did a performance at the talent show, would pray for everyone at meal times, and danced and sang for our whole cabin. It seemed as if she had a complete personality change in just a two week period of time. This is only my first year as a counsellor, so I have not yet had the chance of having campers for multiple years. I have not been able to see the long term affect camp has on returning campers, but I am starting to see the long term affect it has had on me. Before I was a counsellor, I was a part of a work camp that would volunteer for a week of the summer at Camp Westminster. Although I did not get to participate in all of the fun camp activities like the regular campers did, there was still something special about this place that would make me want to come back year after year. Camp Westminster has formed me into a more loving, caring, and outgoing person. It has also helped me to be more appreciative of the beauty and nature around me, and brought me closer with some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. For me Camp Westminster is not just a camp, it is my second home. Shared by Brenna Stubenbort, a first year counselor at Camp Westminster

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