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Choosing a Camp Program Right for Your Kid & Your Family

Between family vacations, sports team camps, visits to family and friends who live far away, summer classes, work schedules, school schedules, and downtime at home, making summer plans is no easy task. Need a moment to breathe? While you are juggling priorities to make plans, listed below are 8 factors you may be considering for your decision process when making summer plans and choosing a summer camp program. We hope the steps below help make the process easier. Good luck!

Location, location, location AND Distance. Where are you? Check out where you are in relation to our site on the crystal-clear, beautiful Higgins Lake in northern Michigan. If driving or carpooling is not an option, we offer a bus from Detroit and have picked up campers from the airport.

Cost. Considering the economy and costs of other activities, there are options to make camp more affordable. By the way, today (May 4) is the last day for early bird discounts.

Timing: What does your summer calendar look like?

Family Vacation Options. Where and when are you going to go on family vacation? One option is to spend time with your kids at camp. The lodging and food are included in the price for family camp! Also, families have continued on after camp to visit some tourist destinations in Michigan. We are located only about an hour from Mackinac Island and just under 2 hours from Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on Lake Michigan.

Categories/Type of Camp. What camp session matches my child’s interests? There are many specialty camps to choose from, and we offer several at Camp Westminster. However, campers still have an opportunity to experience a variety of activities while enjoying sessions & activities focused on:



arts & crafts





food sensitivities

career (If teaching or the outdoors are your child’s career interests, there are opportunities for them. We also specialize in leadership development.)

Visits to Family. Is there time to visit family who live far away this summer? Invite them to join you at family camp.

Visits to Friends. What about time to visit friends who live long distance? You can invite families to join you at family camp. Another option is for the kids to attend summer camp in Michigan together, while the adults enjoy vacation together while the kids are at camp.

Summer Setback. How can your child learn and have fun this summer? In addition to our classes and programs like Explore 30, camp is a place to learn all kinds of valuable life skills, including making decisions, problem-solving, making friends, and more.

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