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COVID-19 Policy Update

We’ve made another important change to our COVID-19 policy in light of recommendation changes by the CDC. At the beginning of June, the CDC began recommending a booster for children ages 5-11. Our adoption of the “Up-to-date” standard for vaccinations meant that with the CDC’s change, it became our policy as well.

Given that being fully vaccinated (having received the last shot in your primary series two weeks ago) has been shown to provide robust protection against the most severe effects of COVID-19, we have decided to change our language to use that standard instead. Additionally, and in light of the CDC’s change, we felt that maintaining the “Up-to-date” standard would create additional hardships for our families.

Under the fully-vaccinated standard, anyone will be welcome to come to our programs as long as they can show proof of being two shots away from the last shot in their primary series.

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