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Introducing LifeWorks at Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake!

Do you know a high schooler who would benefit from a summer of friendship, self-discovery, leadership development, and fun? We are very excited to offer the Camp Westminster LifeWorks program for Summer 2013! LifeWorks is a four-part program designed for high school students who wish to develop leadership skills, volunteer in the community, and grow spiritually. This four-part journey focuses on cultivating faith, leadership, service, and community. What are the benefits of LifeWorks? In the whirlwind of college applications, resumes, and interviews, more and more people are realizing the importance of standing out! Colleges are looking for individuals who engage in extramural activities, community service, and unique experiences. The LifeWorks program promotes personal growth and self discovery through hands-on activities and experiential learning. With the LifeWorks program campers will:

Grow personally and spiritually through small group discussions, daily devotionals, and the support of a welcoming community!

Learn new problem solving techniques and principles of team work through our Team Challenge and High Ropes courses.

Gain first-hand experience organizing an outtrip with your group. Plan, pack, navigate, cook, camp—use your new skills to overcome real-world challenges!

Design a service project benefiting the camp community.

Establish lasting relationships with other high school students in the LifeWorks program.

These experiences will be invaluable for high school students as they prepare for college, and life beyond! Bulk up the resume with a community service project; acquire an exciting story to write about in an admissions essay! This program is designed to give high school students unique opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime.

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