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It’s Game Time!

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Those of you who have been to Camp Westminster have probably encountered one or more of our International staff. Not only do these visitors from foreign lands add a unique dimension to our community, but they also bring with them the sports and games they love from their home countries.Worldwide Sports camp is the perfect opportunity for campers to experience a new sport and be taught by the folks who are truly passionate about them. Throughout the week, campers are introduced to at least one new sport every day. Some of these include: Rugby, Cricket, Rounders, Tennis, Football (Soccer to the US), Australian Rules Football, and we’ve even had Quidditch! Under the guidance of our trained international and domestic counselors, campers will learn the basis skills of these sports while also gaining a better understanding of sportsmanship/sportswomanship. Not only do campers get to play new sports but they will still be able to do the camp activities they love like high ropes and zip-lining, rock climbing, archery, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and swimming in Higgins Lake. This is truly the ultimate cross-training experience and it is not to be missed by any sports fan.

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