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Join us for the Spring Work Weekend!

Every Spring we gather up at camp for the hallowed tradition of waking camp up for the summer! This year’s spring work weekend falls on May 13-15.

For many, this is the ideal time to come up and contribute to summer camp. There is a lot of work to be done. Much involves moving branches and raking trails, but there is also a role for those who prefer less physically demanding work. Each year in the fall, we board up all the screens and “put camp to sleep” so that the harsh winter is less likely to cause damage. Reversing that process in the spring takes a lot of hands.

We will gather on Friday night and get organized for the bulk of the work on Saturday. This year, in addition to the tasks we do every year, we also have several trees that have come down over the winter which need to be cleaned up.

Meals are provided from Saturday breakfast through Sunday breakfast. There is a $40 registration fee to cover food for the weekend. Participants will stay in Worthington Lodge; please contact us if you are interested in staying somewhere else on camp.

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