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Keep Calm and Think Summer Camp

It’s cold winter days like this when we miss the warm water of Higgins Lake, days spent outside, and all the fun of summer camp the most. Here’s a collection of warm thoughts and summer camp memories that keep our staff looking forward to camp through the winter months! “Hanging in the trees on the high ropes course with the sun shining through the leaves,” Chris B. “Being on a canoe trip, floating along the Au Sable River on a nice, clear summer’s day,” Matt. “Mine is the Au Sable as well, but on a burst lilo (inflatable raft). That makes me smile every time I remember that night!” Jocelyn. “Falling asleep with the sound of waves crashing on the shore,” Pete. “Wednesday night cookout and homemade ice cream from the Westminster Creamery,” Rachel. “Ah, too many things…ice cream, swimming to the deep dock during the hot days to lifeguard, the stars!” Lucie. “Definitely ice cream!” Colin. “Being at vespers by the lake in the amphitheater looking out across the water,” George. “The nice and sunny days in which the whole camp participated in competitions such as Lumberjack Day and Camp Olympics,” Renae. “Mine is the Au Sable too…it’s like a scene out of Pocahontas. I will always remember the bald eagle flying over the river,” Fay. “Taking the sail boat out and enjoying the sun in the middle of Higgins Lake,” Caitie. “Seeing the sun sparkle on the water near the flowers at the end of the dock, and a warm s’more when the gooey marshmallow is toasted just right.” Suzanne. “Seeing the hummingbirds hover around the feeders in the bright sunlight, and watching kids splashing on the water mat.” Jim. “Sailing on ‘Higgins Lake so blue’ on a sunny day is very hard to beat!” Callum. We hope these memories from the summer warm your heart (and your toes!) and hope that you’re looking forward to the summer of 2014 as much as we are! Register today for warm, summer memories that last a lifetime!

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