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Medical Professionals, We Need Your Help This Summer

Camp Westminster is looking for volunteer medical professionals to help out over the summer. We have a health officer for most of the summer, but there are a couple of weeks that they’re not available. So we are looking for someone with a current license or recent professional medical experience.

You would be filling in as a health officer, which means managing camper medications and handling any minor injuries during a typical week of camp. See the health officer job description for more on what the role usually entails.

Housing is in our health center, just a couple of steps away from the lake, and we can offer a free week of camp for any kids or grandkids that come with you.

June 19-24 – staff training week 2 (no camp program)

June 20-July 1 – Day camp

July 3-7 – Family camp

Contact if you are interested!

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