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Nature and God at Camp Westminster

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The morning watch bell rings at 7:50 every morning—a familiar occurrence for those of us who have spent time at Camp Westminster. While this early morning bell announces ten minutes to breakfast, it is more than just a call to pancakes and bacon. Morning watch is a time for campers, counselors, and staff to gather together in front of the lake. It serves as a time of reflection and preparation in which staff members can share meaningful bible verses, devotionals, and skits with the camp community.A particular morning watch from this past summer has stuck with me. One morning fellow counselor Laura Findlay showed how we can find God in our beautiful surroundings. She began with a dry-erase board containing two columns titled “nature,” and “God.” With a marker in hand, she asked the gathered campers to shout out words that describe nature. Their responses included words such as beautiful, powerful, peaceful, calming, and awe-inspiring. Laura wrote these words under the column titled “nature.” She then asked the campers to shout out words describing “God.” Campers responded with powerful, mighty, all-around, and giving. At this point, Laura then asked what would happen if she switched the titles of the two columns. Beautiful, powerful, peaceful, calming, and awe-inspiring now described God; while powerful, mighty, all-around, and giving described nature.This reflection provides an understanding of how we can find God within the nature around us. At Camp Westminster, surrounded by Higgins Lake, it is easy to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Not only do I feel blessed that I was able to spend an entire summer within this beautiful setting, but I also had the privilege of teaching campers about the natural wonders surrounding them.

-Rachel Leads, counselor, Summer 2011 (currently a senior at Albion College and studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland)

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