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New Adult Art and Crafts Weekend

An exciting new event will take place April 30th – May 3rd in Worthington Lodge. Three Camp Westminster alums and a friend with exceptional artistic skills will offer the following classes: Copper Enameling / Leatherworking; Building Birdhouses; Sewing / Quilting; and Cement Stepping Stones. Additional evening classes will include: Lanyards and Knots; Mono Prints and Simple Prints; Glass Fusing; Knitting. Participants will be able to make personal items as well as possible pieces for the reunion auction. All this for a price of only $155, which includes instruction, materials, food, and lodging. Download a brochure for more details or to share with a friend. You can register for this event online, or call (313) 341-8969. Make plans now to spend a creative, relaxing weekend at camp!

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