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Radical Community: Westminster to the World

Raft building-a great team building activity!

The 2013 Radical Community: Westminster to the World group at the Camas Centre

This past summer, Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake offered 10 participants in their final year of the LifeWorks leadership development program the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the Radical Community: Westminster to the World pilgrimage to Scotland. This life changing experience came at a very pivotal time in many of our camper’s lives as they prepared to begin their studies at different Colleges and Universities across Michigan and the USA.We are extremely proud of what these future leaders achieved during their stay as they developed their personal and social beliefs, and focused on their own spiritual advancement and the role that God has played in their lives. The group stayed at the Camas center, part of the Iona community, located in a remote seaside valley on the Isle of Mull. Throughout their stay the group participated in many camp-like activities including rock climbing on a natural quarry wall, sea kayaking, raft building, gardening and peat digging.The ethos of the center focused on community building and involved didactic practices such as ‘capers’ to encourage teamwork among total strangers to complete tasks and enhance God’s love. By the conclusion of their stay, our group of leaders made stronger social bonds with each other and showed Camp Westminster hospitality to another group of young people from Edinburgh, Scotland with whom they shared the center.The opportunity for the group to become immersed in a new, unfamiliar culture and adapt to a distinctive environment was instrumental in developing them as well rounded members of the international community. As our campers undergo a new chapter of their lives at new schools, we are honored that we at Camp Westminster were able to impact their journey through life and help shape the landscape that follows them along their path.We are excited as we begin to plan for the next group of leaders to depart for Iona in June 2014! Interested in the leadership development program? Read more about LifeWorks here and register to begin your leadership journey!

-Matt Hill, Program Director and Westminster to the World leader

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