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Reflections of a High Ropes Facilitator: The Power of a Retreat

Amy is one of Camp Westminster’s high ropes facilitators. Below she shares her reflections on a recent weekend while working with a retreat group.


Camp is always a great place to spend time in fellowship, learn, grow, and renew with your group on a retreat. This past weekend I was lucky enough to get a small glimpse of the retreat experience from the outside looking in. As a facilitator at the Lighthouse Climb over the weekend I saw all the blessings of Camp blossom in the short time I was involved.

I first met a group of skeptical youth. Skeptical that they really could have fun in the woods for a weekend, skeptical that climbing the Lighthouse would ever be something they could accomplish, and skeptical that these two facilitators really were that happy to be standing on the cold and windy shores of Higgins Lake. It did not take very long before I saw those faces quickly transformed from skeptical, to beaming with pride and joy. Some joyful they made it to the top, some joyful they were back down on the ground, all proud they were there together sharing in the incredible experience.

By the end of the day the confidence from this group was contagious, the laughter that surrounded the day was infectious and the newfound love for the peace and solitude of Camp Westminster was inspiring. I am amazed every time by the power one short weekend can have on an entire life. I know my life has been enhanced now, thanks to that small group of middle school kids.

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