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So Much More Happened than Just Spring Cleaning!

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It was a rainy, cold day this past Saturday for the Spring Wake-Up Camp Weekend. Most of us traveled from warmer temperatures and were not prepared for the wind and rain. We only had limited time to complete big tasks to prepare camp for this summer. We were moving in on the spiders who made places their winter homes. There were puddles to avoid. Plus, after a few hours of lifting, we were competing with tired muscles. Despite all these odds, we raked leaves, put in docks, planted flowerpots, checked smoke detectors, moved picnic tables, replaced screens, moved benches, put grout between bathroom tiles, picked-up trash, swept porches, sifted through paperwork, washed dishes, vacuumed cobwebs from the corners of wakeyas, sanitized mattresses, arranged chapel benches, moved boats, anchored buoys, repaired floorboards, checked inventories, prepared meals, and carried firewood. Needless to say, clipboards and checklists were hot commodities this weekend at Camp Westminster!The reality is that while we prepared for the summer season, the real product of the weekend was not the accomplishment of tasks. The 40 who gathered this weekend had all sorts of connections to the community. They were former, current, and future campers, current and former staff, family of campers and staff, church members, grandparents and parents of campers. This opportunity enabled us to build and strengthen our camp community. It empowered us to make a difference in our community. It encouraged us to continue this work. We demonstrated commitment, focus, and cooperation. The sunshine that broke through the pines and reflected across Higgins Lake on Sunday morning was the greatest reward.

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