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Summer 2018 was an epic blast!

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Music in the Jungle

This past summer we were blessed with a performance of Jungle Book Jr. the musical! Campers performed at the end of the two-week session for campers, their families, and community members. With only 14 hours of rehearsal, campers blew the audience out of the water with their acting, singing and dancing skills. The cookout immediately following also proved to be a big hit for all involved, and a nice treat for a job well done!

Radical Leaders

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Our oldest campers continue to learn how to be great leaders! There was a large group all summer of high school aged campers involved in our LifeWorks Leadership Development Program. Campers planned their own out-trips, led evening activities, and helped out counselors in cabins with younger campers. Last summer was a great summer for training the next batch of camp counselors. We are excited to see them continue to grow. If you’re completing 9th-11th grades in June, consider signing up for one of the LifeWorks Programs!

Westminster on the Road

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This was the first summer of the Westminster on the Road (WOTR) day camp program. Three wonderful counselors traveled to Westminster Church to lead a week of Vacation Bible School with local children. Day campers learned about the Beyond Belief curriculum from this summer, sang camp songs, created art projects and even played outside on a slip n’ slide. WOTR was the next best thing to CW itself! Next summer, WOTR plans to expand to other churches in Michigan. If your church is interested in having Camp Westminster staff lead a week of Westminster on the Road, please contact us!

Adventure Camp

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We had a full week of campers who brought friends from a variety of churches! What an opportunity it was to spend a week with such a diverse group of boys and girls. With more than 10 churches represented the last week of camp, it proved to be a great week for campers to experience a big highlight of their summer sharing with old friends and forging new friendships before heading back to Sunday School and youth group classes at the beginning of the year.

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