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Taking Flight

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Yesterday time moved ever so slowly for the counselors flying in from the UK and the welcoming party at the arrival location while waiting on an extremely delayed flight. Time is moving even slower while we wait on a passport for a counselor to be able to even fly from Kenya. The list of things we are waiting for also includes a roof quote for the dining hall and a wood stove insert. It’s not so different from waiting for new skills to take hold or seeing whether the camp experience will positively impact a camper’s life. The irony is that camp life forces us to really be in the moment and not focused on “waiting.” There are no prominent clocks at camp, only the trusty red bell announcing meals and activity times. As we remember to live in the moment, the product of camp becomes apparent at the most unexpected moments. This point became extremely relevant when a young eagle demonstrated his new flying skills on the west side of camp this morning. Then, a visit with some alumni staff reminded us of the potential influence of Camp Westminster on individuals’ lives. It makes the waiting worthwhile.

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