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The New & Improved Series (Issue 1): Walden Lodge/Old Bath House

With ingenuity and skilled work, we’ve transformed the purpose of buildings at Camp Westminster. Going on 86 years of rich history means that not only do we want to continue the mission of Camp, but we also want to preserve the foundational framework on which Camp was built. The Greenies made coordinating shifts for showers between the entire camp no longer needed. Therefore, our Executive Director used her contracting and design experience and envisioned transforming the buildings to fit the current needs of the camp community. Add our Assistant Director’s architecture skills, the craftmanship of our Maintenance Director, dedicated volunteers’ time, and…voilà! A few summers ago in 2003, the old Bath House was turned into summer housing for our male staff. The “new” building was named “Walden Lodge” in memory of a beloved staff member, Thomas Walden, who served on staff from 1998-2002. The latest improvement is the newly installed shower stall. It is now complete with new grout and tile! Here is what the transformed building offers:

Bunk Room for Male Counselors


Screened Porch with Lights

A new shower stall

Prime location next to the Basketball and Tennis Courts

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