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Think metaphorically…

Sounds tough, doesn’t it? But really, if we are intentional about every moment in this ministry called camp, then there are so many opportunities to think like this and help campers and staff make real life connections.

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Day 2 of the facilitator training piece of the Higgins Lake Camp Staff Certification School and we have climbed the Lighthouse, belayed, inspected equipment, trained on the Team Challenge Course, swayed in the trees, and spent quality time understanding the importance of debriefing any activity. Amazing insight and training has come from New Frontiers. We looked around the Dining Hall and found dynamic metaphors to teach with right in our midst: the roof reminds us of God as our shelter and challenges us to think who we can invite in? The canoe is a metaphor for life’s journey… but how far can we go without a paddle? The Lost & Found box reminds us of so many things- what can that mean for you?We continue to build the experience and set the tone for each and every moment we have here at camp. Archery training on Tuesday, then the full staff arrives to begin 10 days of intensive preparation for summer camp!

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