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Try and Triumph (thoughts from Elise)

When was the last time you tried something new? Snowshoeing? Cooking a new dish? Attempting to master a new game online? Learning a new language? Think about how you felt when you actually accomplished that new thing. This feeling is central to any child’s development: confidence that they can do it. One of my favorite things to hear each summer is: “Go for it- grab that next rock [at the Lighthouse Climb]. You can do it!” Or, “I know you can make it to the next element!” [at the High Ropes Course] Or, “Didn’t it feel great to steer that canoe into the dock with your partner? You did it!” At Camp Westminster we encourage campers to try new things each day: food they haven’t eaten before, activities that are new to them and mingling with friends they haven’t met before. The triumph is so visible on their faces! After all, the only difference between ‘try’ and ‘triumph’ is a little bit of UMPH! Today’s Activity: Try something new outside- unicycle, pogo stick, jumping jacks, walk a mile, you get the idea!

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