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We’re Taking a Leap of Faith and Giving Away $15,000 In Camperships This Summer

Every year Camp Westminster gives funds to families who cannot afford the total cost of a week of summer camp. We call them camperships. It’s like a scholarship but for camp!

Camp is expensive. It’s costly to run a summer camp, and it’s costly to send your kids to a summer camp. One thing that makes us different than a for-profit or privately owned summer camp is our amazing community of donors. There are a lot of people who love Camp Westminster. Many are former campers and staff who want to ensure that future generations of children continue to discover God and who God is calling them to be at Camp Westminster. Our Campership Fund is an important way to do that.

This year the James Brian Weenink Endowment Fund has about one hundred thousand dollars in it for camperships. An endowment fund is supposed to be there in perpetuity, not something you spend all at once. So we will do two things this year; we’re going to mark out 15% (three times what you usually take out of an endowment) of that fund to be released for camperships. That’s $15,000 for campers and families who otherwise could not afford a week of camp!

The other thing we’re going to do is challenge our community of donors to replenish those funds and then some! This is a leap of faith for Camp Westminster. We are putting our trust in God’s provision and in our community’s generosity.

If you want a Camp Westminster summer for your camper but would have a hard time with the registration fee, download a campership application here.

If you are a part of our community who wants to ensure that we can be here for future generations of campers, make a gift to our campership fund here. With your help, we can make this kind of commitment every year!

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