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Etch Your Legacy…Touch Camp Westminster’s Future

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Dining Hall

Over the past 90 years, thousands of lives have been impacted by an experience at Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake. Many of you have been campers yourselves or perhaps camper parents or friends of camper families. You know how amazingly special are the memories this camp has created in our hearts and minds.Another exciting program has been planned for the summer of 2015 with much activity centered on Odell Dining Lodge. Many improvements to this old friend have been made over the years since its construction in 1925, but now some major upgrades are necessary if the camp is to continue the outstanding programming which has been its hallmark. Our beloved Odell, where so much daily activity is focused, is desperately in need of a kitchen rebuild.Now is the time to return your loyalty and affection and to acknowledge the role Camp Westminster has played in your life. Can Camp Westminster count on your support?

It is our hope to install a giving patio in time for the 90th Anniversary Reunion scheduled for July 10-12, 2015 (register online or by printing the paper registration form). The proposed brick patio will be located on the west side of the Dining Hall between Wakeya 10 and the dining hall porch and will consist of engraved bricks. Funds from the donation of these bricks will be used to refurbish the dining hall kitchen. Each brick will signify your unique memories of the time you spent at Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake and will be engraved with the text of your choice. The completed patio will be a special place for sharing memories. Please take this opportunity to etch your legacy and by doing so, touch Camp Westminster’s future. You will be investing in the rebuilding of a place which holds a special place in all our hearts.

Ordering Instructions

Orders will be accepted as long as space is available before April 30, 2015. You may order your brick online by visiting If you wish to purchase more than one brick and have them placed next to each other, please complete two separate order forms. Please send the completed order form to Camp Westminster, 17567 Hubbell, Detroit, MI 48235. If you would like additional information, please contact Jim Bates at (313) 341-8969 or

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