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Thinking of Westminster this Christmas

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“I love being here because of new people every year and making new friends. Thank you for all you do for camp. It wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you again.” -Billa, 2017 Summer Camper

As an avid supporter(s) of Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake, you know the difference between talk and action when it comes to enjoying and benefiting from a week of summer camp. You’ve already taken action.

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You give: Your support helps parents give their children and youth the time of their young lives at one of the premier camps in America. For going on 93 years, Camp Westminster has strived to encourage, educate, train, nurture, lead, and care for the thousands who have taken part in its excellent programs. Your financial contributions have played a major role in making all this possible. You volunteer: Many of you have given your time and talent by volunteering at the camp. It may be working at Wake-Up Weekend in May or Lumberjack Weekend in September. It may be hosting counselors overnight before or after the regular program ends. It may be doing clerical work in the camp office. It may be providing transportation to enable another volunteer to work at camp. It may be assisting with hosting a wedding weekend. It may be cooking for a group event. It may be serving on the Camp Board. Every task is so very important. You provide moral support: It may be praying for hundreds of campers, parents, staff, visitors, volunteers, and various participants who make up the life of the camp each summer. It may be encouraging a reluctant child or youth to go to camp for the first time. It may be spreading the word to recruit other alumni or friends to give and to begin connecting with the camp.Without your love and involvement with Camp Westminster, we would not be where we are today. You are needed more than ever.As we enter the Christmas season, it is time to consider how you can make 2018 even more successful than 2017.Below are photos of how camp looks right now. What’s missing? Of course, the kids aren’t there. But it won’t be long till once again the camp will be buzzing with all the things that make it so special –singing, swimming, campfires, high ropes, lighthouse climb, crafts, out-trips, and much more.Would you once again support Camp Westminster just as you did in the past? Your contribution is greatly coveted. Please take this opportunity to make a gift through our secure online form. Many thanks to those of you who may have already given! Together for a most Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Suzanne and Jim, Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake

P.S. You may also send us a check to make your gift, payable to “Camp Westminster” at the Winter address listed here.

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