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Introducing the new Wildwood History Project Website

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The camp has created a History Preservation Program and the first project is the preservation and display of the Wildwood doeskins that were part of the Wildwood experience from 1968 – 1987. We have also created a website to compile Wildwood information, starting with a directory of Wildwood campers and counselors and a directory of the doeskin symbols.Want to reconnect with your Wildwood sisters? Register in the Wildwood Camper / Counselor Directory and share your contact information. Remember what the symbols on the doeskins represent? Help us compile a directory of doeskin symbols. Please visit the Wildwood History Website (ed. note, as of 2/2020 this is being moved over to the new CW site).

Need help Registering? Download our Help Guide

Have questions? Need Help? Contact Roz McCreery via email or call (757) 303-0511

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