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Join us for an online scavenger hunt and win $10 towards camp store items!

Scavenger hunts are great learning tools during nature class. They are a way to: 1) increase awareness of the natural surroundings, 2) challenge campers to ask questions and discover, and 3) have fun. For our online community, YOU, we invite you to join us for a scavenger hunt on our blog about experiencing the outdoors at camp for Children and Nature Awareness month. For the first three people who answer one of the questions below correctly, we will put $10 in your camp store account if you are a 2011 camper. Otherwise, we will give you a $10 discount off a camp store item. All of the answers to the following three questions can be found in our blog posts. Post an answer to one of the questions in the comments section on this blog or our page on Facebook. Question 1: What words did we use to describe the imagery of the weather, people, and scenery for a particular celebration at camp? Question 2: Name a phrase commonly heard during one of the climbing activities campers can enjoy at camp. Question 3: What is a camp activity that can be considered a figure of speech for life?*** Activity: Ask a parent to write a list or write one of your own describing 10 items in an area outside for a scavenger hunt. Ask friends to join you in finding the 10 items.

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