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A Summer Dream

If you ever dreamed as a kid that you could live in a treehouse or sleep under the stars all summer, it’s easy to understand the allure of Pioneer Heritage camp. It’s the chance to be outside to eat, sleep, and play all day.

Dinner is made each night by the campers over the fires that they help our staff build. Alumni repeatedly say that firebuilding is a skill they learned at camp and have used throughout life. Many delicious cakes, stews, and dinner entrees have been made in these bake ovens. Campers have the chance to perfect outdoor living skills. Here the campers are showing their shelters to the photographer. Campers had fun dividing into two groups last summer to see which shelter could survive the underwater test to check for gaps. It’s great experience to prepare for an out-trip as an older camper. Plus, Pioneer Heritage campers still get to enjoy all the other great camp activities! Today’s Activity: Step outside tonight and count how many stars you can see.

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