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Back by Popular Demand: Worldwide Sports

Last year we added Worldwide Sports Camp, a unique opportunity for kids to learn sports from around the world. It is back by popular demand, because we think it offers campers the following:

· It is an environment where children are encouraged to try new things in safe place. They can try new sports while having the one-on-one guidance of a counselor. Plus, they are cheered on by a team of friends.

· Our international staff teach sports from around the world, including soccer/football, softball/rounders, rugby, cricket, handball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, water volleyball, and tennis. The staff members who lead the Worldwide Sports camp are carefully selected each year based on their skills. They are eager to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sports.

· Third, campers can play a game with a large group of kids This is an opportunity that children may not be able to find in their own backyard.

The lessons learned at Worldwide Sports Camp multiply in unexpected ways. One camper reflected at the close of camp, “It encourages me to play as a team rather than [as] one [player].” Plus, the camaraderie extends from the sports field to the dining room to outside of camp. What a phenomenal teaching opportunity that we do not take for granted!

P.S. We send a shout-out to our English staff regarding England’s win over the U.S. National Team in the April 2nd match. We certainly enjoyed watching the World Cup last summer together. May this be another exciting summer to follow the Women’s World Cup!

Today’s Activity: Get outside to dribble a basketball or play catch with a friend.

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