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Dear Mom and Dad,

The camp administrative offices become a mini-post office every summer. Letters and parcels arrive faithfully each day from campers’ family and friends during summer camp. Campers use time in-between activities to write friends and family telling of their adventures at camp. The content of the letters may include activities, names of new friends, what was for dinner, games played, and how many times spent swimming in Higgins Lake. While it may be an old pastime, letter writing while at camp is a hidden gem. Here’s why:

Think about a time when you were writing a postcard while surrounded by beautiful scenery. What are the chances you wrote about the view? How was your heart rate at the moment? It encourages the writer to express oneself and describe the scenery.

It is an opportunity to document all the excitement at camp. Letters shared by alumni are evidence that it is remembered for a lifetime. One alum used her letter as a part of a sermon for our 85th Anniversary. A letter is one way of cementing the value of these childhood experiences.

This is a time to write that is free of distractions. During this digital age when written communication is normally in the form of text messages, emails, and instant messages, it is a time to think, listen to the surroundings, and make memories.

Activity: Find a spot to sit outside and write a letter to a friend.

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