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Not Taking it for Granted

Can you figure out whether alums or campers said these quotes about Camp Westminster?

“I love the pure beauty of the lake.”

“[What I enjoy most about Higgins Lake is/was] the crash of the waves on a windy night while drifting off to sleep in your Wakeya (cabin)!”

“[What I enjoy most about Higgins Lake is/was] that first swim at the beginning of summer that just takes your breath away.”

Talking about when they arrived at camp, “I feel/felt it as soon as I can see/saw Higgins lake through the trees. I can/could tell that we are/were getting close, and I get/got so excited.”

It’s tough, isn’t it? The only clues would be the verbs. The place elicits the same response from alums and campers today. It is clear that no matter your stage in life, camp brings out the best in us. With each look at the lake or the sound of each wave lapping against the shore, all visitors know they are in a special place. No one takes it for granted that it’s a grand place to be outdoors! In the north on Higgins Lake so blue, There a camp of friendship tried and true. Free from strife of city life, Rich in nature’s gifts to man, Camp Westminster we’re for thee. All for thy prosperity. From the close of camp ’til June, Memories linger on.

Camp Westminster Sings, p. 17

Today’s Activity: Take a trip to your nearest waterfront & observe the wildlife.

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