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Replicating Camp at Home: Environmental Stewardship, Part 1

Leftover vegetable scraps, leftover fruit scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, used coffee filters, used tea bags, and leaves have a new home in our Camp Compost Bin built by the Westminster Service Corps in Summer 2010. It is a visible reminder of ways we can be active environmental stewards. It also provides a tangible reminder to staff and campers of the great amount of food available to us. If a few bites are taken out of an apple and then it is thrown away, it will be seen again in the compost bin. The goal is to produce less food waste. This is one activity at camp that can be repeated at home, regardless of whether you live in the country, city, apartment, or house. This site provides plenty of how-to guides and tips: Happy composting!*** Activity: Play “Wakeya Hopscotch,” a Camp Westminster version of hopscotch. Number your squares 1-11 (representing the wakeya numbers), and make sure to skip over number 9, as there is no wakeya #9.

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