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The All-Inclusive, Green Vacation

Camp is the perfect place for a green vacation that gets kids outside. Besides the fact that we teach and practice environmental stewardship, we are so green that even our buildings are painted green and our bath houses are called “greenies.” Plus, there’s more:

It’s an all-inclusive vacation meaning it’s an efficient use of resources, including your time.

We have already done the planning for you. Dates, the activities, meals, housing, and transportation for 6 days and 7 nights have all been arranged.

There are plenty of deals and discounts, which means more green will be left in your pocket.

We have many options available to make camp affordable. Our primary goal is to make it possible for your child to attend camp.

Our BIGGEST current discounts are:

For each friend you bring to camp who has never attended Camp Westminster as a camper, you can get $50 off your fee.

Second, if you pay in full by April 6, 2011, you get between $25-$90 off your registration. If you pay in full by May 4, 2011, you get between $10-$40 off registration fees.

Group transportation is available, which saves gas, now averaging at $3.83 per gallon in Michigan.

Many campers may be traveling from your area. Let us know if you are interested in carpooling, and we may be able to help with some options.

We also hire a charter bus on most weeks of camp to transport kids from church to camp.

All of the activities that meet your child’s interests are in one location, which means less driving for you.

Each session has a particular focus to meet your child’s interest. However, campers will always have the opportunity to try out a variety of the camp activities to get them outside.

If you want to come to camp, too, sign up for family camp and make it a family vacation!

Overall, it’s the best bang for your buck!

Our staff is trained in the applicable safety standards and procedures.

We provide the opportunities for an experience of a lifetime.

Today’s Activity: Get outside and see what new spring growth you can find on a walk.

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